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Welcome the New York Rotary History Website. This website has a lot of historic information about the legendary Rotary Club of New York, which also happens to be my Rotary Club.


You can read about present and future events at Rotary Club of New York on the Internet at www.NYRotary.org.


Matts Ingemanson


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Rotary's Global History Fellowship Chairman

Matts Ingemanson

speaks about

Paul Harris' Exciting Youth

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Info about the Paul Harris speech at the Rotary Club of New York





Rotary Club of New York


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Paul Harris Fellows 2003-2004


There were 59 new Paul Harris Fellowships awarded this year.

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Fellow Rotarians, We Greet You! 

Welcome to the Rotary Club of New York, the “Host Club of America”. Please enjoy the site and be sure to write or call us if you have any questions, requests, or would like to attend one of our luncheons. When you visit us, we will sing our legendary welcome song Fellow Rotarians, We Greet You. Be sure to check the listing of the upcoming events from the menu on top.




The Holy See in the

International Arena

His Excellency Archbishop

Celestino Migliore

Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations

Speech at the International Service Division June 16, 2003

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New York Rotary Foundation

presented a $100,000 check

to NYU on Feb 10, 2004



President Greg Lynch (left) Foundation Chairman Mort Eydenberg (middle) and Dr. Bonvino from NYU (right)


Mort Eydenberg, Chairman of the New York Rotary Foundation, representing all of us from the Rotary Club of New York, presented a check in the amount of $100,000 to Dr. Bonvino, Senior Vice President of New York University Downtown Hospital. The check was in honor of the work done by the hospital during the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy. Dr. Bonvino spoke with deep gratitude and commitment to the hospital’s mission of always being available for unseen emergencies. The check, from our 9/11 Disaster Fund, will be used to enlarge the hospital’s emergency response areas.



New York Rotary Foundation

presented one more $100,000 check

to NYU on June 8, 2004



President Greg Lynch (left) Foundation Trustee and District 7230 Governor Nominee Helen Reisler (right) and Dr. Bonvino from NYU (middle).


Former New York Rotary President, New York Rotary Foundation Trustee and present District Governor Nominee, Helen Reisler, presented a second check of $100,000 to the New York University Downtown Hospital for its tremendous effort, dedication and assistance to the victims the 9/11 tragedy in downtown, Manhattan. This money was previously raised and put aside by the Rotary Club of New York as part of the 9/11 Disaster Relief Fund. Dr. Bonvino of the NYU Downtown Hospital accepted the check on behalf of the hospital, thanked the club for their generous donation and briefly stated that it will be used to purchase a new ambulance for the hospital. The New York Rotary Trustees were recognized by President Greg Lynch and all present for their role in making the fund very successful.



Louis J. Freeh

Former Director - FBI



TV Channels ABC 7 and WB 11 as well as Radio Station WNYC were present when Former FBI Director Louis J. Freed spoke at the Rotary Club of New York on December 16th, 2003




Christmas Party for

under-privileged children


On December 17th, New York Rotarians teamed up with Santa and Fraternite Notre Dame to give a Christmas party for under privileged children in Harlem with many Christmas presents.



The First Rotary Lapel Pin


The first lapel pin in Rotary history was designed at the Rotary Club of New York in 1909. It was the forerunner to the Rotary lapel pin that is worn today. You can see here how the Rotary lapel pin later evolved to its present design.


You can read more about the first Rotary Lapel Pin on our History Page.



Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden &

RI President Jonathan Majiyagbe



New York Rotarian Matts Ingemanson (middle) met with Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Rotary International President Jonathan Majiyagbe in Stockholm on August 13, 2003. Matts took the opportunity to invite the Crown Princess to come to our legendary Rotary Club on our Sweden Day.


New York Rotarians were

very active in the

Rotary District 7230

Group Study Exchange

 Committee 2002-2004

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It was exciting when

New York State Attorney General

Eliot Spitzer

spoke at our club on Feb 4th, 2003



President 2002-2003 Silvio Amori and Attorney General Spitzer


Click here for more pictures of Eliot Spitzer's visit

(including 15 photos)


Police Recognition Day

March 4, 2003



5 foot 1.5 inches Police Officer

Judith Hernandez

alone carried 6 foot Police Officer

up two floors to safety!


Click here for more pictures of Police Day

(including 19 photos)



RI Past President Frank Devlyn at New York Rotary on Nov. 12th, 2002


Click here for pictures of Frank's visit




The Rotary Club of New York receives a grant of $150,000!

On May 29th, 2003, the Board of Directors of the Rotary District 7230 NYC/WTC Disaster Relief Fund approved a grant to the Rotary Club of New York for the September 11, 2001 Children's Fund in the amount of $150,000.

Click here to read the letter of approval (Acrobat PDF file)


Click here for a list of all approved grants from the

NYC/WTC Disaster Relief Fund




We donated $100,000

to Polio Plus

The New York Rotary Foundation has set an example of leadership and generosity!


Jack Blane from the International Polio Eradication Fundraising Committee of Rotary International, District Governor Bob Benson and Two Times Past District Governor Chuck Katze visited our club when the New York Rotary Foundation donated $100,000 to Polio Plus on April 29th, 2003. On the picture from left to right are President Silvio Amori, Two Times PDG Chuck Katze, Jack Blane from RI, Trustees Barbara Burns, Bernard Wytko and Richard Sainburg, Foundation Chairman Morton Eydenberg, DG Bob Benson and Trustee Sylvan Barnet.


Foundation Chairman Morton Eydenberg together with District Governor Bob Benson and Two Times Past District Governor Chuck Katze.

From left Jack Blane, Glenn Estess and Matts Ingemanson


One week later at Rotary International's Headquarters, in Evanston, IL, Jack Blane and New York Rotarian Matts Ingemanson met with Glenn Estess, who will be Rotary International's President 2004-2005. Glen was impressed with the $100,000 donation to Polio Plus by the New York Rotary Foundation of the Rotary Club of New York, which is approximately $500 per member. RI President Elect Glenn said that the Rotary Club of New York with its Foundation has set an example of leadership and generosity that he hoped others would follow.


"I was expecting to go and be part of a photo op where I would receive a large cardboard replica of the check," says Jack Blane. "What I didn't expect was to come away with a real check for the total amount.


"The trustees of the New York Rotary foundation feel very keenly about supporting this last push and enthusiastically agreed to the $100,000 donation," says Morton Eydenberg, chairman of the New York Rotary foundation. "The members of the Rotary Club of New York have also expressed their support for this donation and are proud to lead the way for other Rotary clubs around the world."

Rotary International News Basket Article about

our Donation of $100,000 to Polio Plus!

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Our Office Address:

Rotary Club of New York

322 Eighth Avenue

(at 26th Street)

Suite 1701

New York, NY 10001


Tel:  212-633-1311

Fax: 212-633-1954

Our meetings are at the Princeton Club,

15 West 43rd Street (5th and 6th Ave), Tuesdays, 12:15pm


World Trade Center

Disaster in

New York!


It happened in our home town on 9/11. Like any other Rotary Club would, we helped our city during its disaster. We did so with the support from compassionate Rotarians from around the World.

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The New York Rotary WTC-DISASTER Relief Fund has raised $1,499,154 for the victims of 9/11 thanks to generous Rotarian around the world! When there is a need, Rotarians take action!





2001 - 2002

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How to donate to the special fund for

the Great Tragedy in New York City




Memorial in honor of

the victims of 911


District Governor, David, “Sully” Sullivan has issued a press release on August 22, 2003 about a decision by the leadership of Rotary District 7230 to erect a memorial in Webb Park in honor of the many victims and their families who perished in 911.


Click here for a copy of the press release





Rotary Club of New York Speaker

Paul Klebnikov was shot

dead in Moscow!

Paul Klebnikov, a U.S.-born editor of Forbes Magazine in Russia, was shot dead in Moscow on July 9th, 2004 by unknown assailants, two months after publishing a list of Russia's hundred wealthiest people. Paul Klebnikov spoke at the Rotary Club of New York on February 6th, 2001. He was promoting his book “Godfather of the Kremlin”. It was a very informative book where he described similar sniper killings in Moscow that so sadly ended his own life. He will be sorely missed. You can read in the Bulletin about Paul Klebnikov. You can also read an article by United Press International about his assassination on our website at:

Rotary Club of New York Bulletin 2-6-2001

United Press International: Slaying in Moscow



Recognized members

for 2002-2003

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Accomplishments of the

Rotary Club of New York


  • Thanks to Silvio Amori, 59 new members in 2002-2003 with a net gain of 35. We started out with 186 members and ended up with 221 members, an increase of 19%.

  • Many fellowship days thanks to Silvio Amori.

  • Tremendous success with the International Breakfast Meetings thanks to Sylvan Barnet and Giorgio Balestrieri

  • Rotary After-Hours has been a big sensation thanks to David Del Monte.

  • Many great speakers thanks to Larry Parks.

  • Donation of $100,000 to Polio Plus thanks to Silvio Amori, Morton Eydenberg and the New York Rotary Foundation

  • More visitors to the New York Rotary website from Rotarians around the world than ever before thanks to Matts Ingemanson.

  • Very successful District Conference thanks to Greg Lynch

  • The Rotary Club of New York contributed to create the most successful Group Study Exchange Program in district history thanks to Matts Ingemanson, Greg Lynch and Ivan Vosloo and the New York Rotary Foundation.

  • Selected winning ambassadorial scholars to study abroad

  • Sponsored 18 Ambassadorial scholars from other countries

  • Led a Group Study Exchange to Brazil

  • Sent 3,000 of sweaters to the children of Mongolia

  • Donated an artificial leg to Mongolia

  • Saved children’s' lives through our "Gift of Life" host program

  • Served hundreds of homeless people, weekly, at a soup kitchen

  • Bought the 11 Fraternite" a new van for humanitarian deeds

  • Coordinated humanitarian projects in Ethiopia and Thailand

  • "Ambassadors of Peace Youth Orchestra" played at memorials

  • Had 8 families of victims "adopted" by Rotarians in other states

  • Sent rescue workers to New Zealand, England, and Nantucket

  • Honored "The Lucky Six" on Firefighters' Recognition Day

  • Honored a police hero on "Police Recognition Day"

  • Accumulated over $1.4 million in our 9/11 Disaster Relief Fund

  • Created a "Disaster Relief Fund Advisory Committee"

  • Disbursed $1.13 million to the "neediest" affected by 9/11

  • Individual members helped out at "the Pit" for months

  • Hosted rescue workers, families of victims and fund contributors

  • Developed and maintained an "up to the minute'" website

  • Featured in 6 page "Rotarian" magazine article, "Ground Zero"

  • Featured in the "Staten Island Advance" newspaper

  • Featured in a Documentary made in New Zealand about 9/11

  • Helped the Rotary Club of Delta, Canada deliver kids' quilts

  • Coordinated outstanding weekly speakers and programs

  • Conducted monthly, informative, International Breakfasts

  • Placed weekly meeting notices in "Crains NY Business"

  • Conducted "Mankind is our Business" poster contest

  • Sponsored the "Electric Learning Center" in Harlem

  • Assisted Habitat for Humanity‑developed residential project

  • Inducted 4 new "Paul Harris Fellows"

  • Club President attended all Foundation meetings

  • Received special citation from Mongolia for humanitarian deeds

  • Honored by the New York City Parks Commissioner

  • Attracted 59 new members



Rotary Club of New York's

International Service Division helps develop

United Nations

Public Private Alliance for Rural Development!

Proposal for an Integrated Approach to Rural Development in Developing Countries for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development

Notes from

the historic June 18, 2003 meeting!


Notes from the Breakfast

with the President of Madagascar 25 September, 2003

Second Committee of the 58th Session of the UN General Assembly on 27 Oct, 2003


Global Civil Society Champion

Sylvan Barnet - Rotary International


(click here for more information)



Our Rotary Club member Lieutenant Commander, Steven Brock during President Bush's speech to the United Nation's General Assembly.


RI President 2002-2003 Bhichai Rattakul's

Speech during Rotary's UN Day 2003

Rotary Global History pictures




Rotary's UN Day 2004

October 4th, 2004

From left Rotary International President Elect Glenn Estess, Aide to the President Elect Don Osburn, RI Alternate Representative to the United Nations Sylvan "Barney" Barnet and Florence Chenoweth, United Nations, Director FAO Liason.

Click here to see more photos from the United Nations Day




Past Presidents of the

Rotary Club of New York


Dan O. Henry

President of the

Rotary Club of New York


Passed away on January 19, 2003

at the age of 91.

Click here to read more about Dan O. Henry


 Joseph A. Sullivan

President of the

Rotary Club of New York


former FBI Special Agent

and a legend of the Bureau

left us August 2 at noon

Click here to read more about Joe Sullivan

Joe Sullivan's 85th Birthday Party!



Arcadio Casillas

President of the

Rotary Club of New York



Click here to read more about Arcadio


Helen Reisler

President of the

Rotary Club of New York



Click here to read more about Helen



Silvio Amori

President of the

Rotary Club of New York



Click here to read more about Silvio



Greg Lynch

President of the

Rotary Club of New York



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Meet Our Members


Silvio Amori

Sylvan Barnet

Behrooz Behbudi

Arcadio Casillas

PDG Paul Caruso

Bill De Long

Matts Ingemanson

Sonny Lee

Greg Lynch

Helen Reisler

Joe Sullivan



History was made on July 10, 2001 when Helen Reisler was installed as the first

woman president of the 92-year-old Rotary Club of New York.


Rotary Club of New York Electronic Learning Center makes it possible for several

thousand children in Harlem to enter the electronic world.


Joe Sullivan's 85th Birthday Party!


Young Girls Educational Program









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