Conditions For Team Members


Candidates for team membership must be cur­rently employed in any recognized business or profession on a full-time basis and be 25 to 40 years of age in order to have the maximum long­term impact on his or her career development. Failure to comply with Trustee age guidelines can lead to misunderstandings and cancellations be­tween sending and host districts. To fulfill the rig­orous and/or extensive demands of international travel and active participation in multi-week ac­tivities, candidates must also be:


citizens of the country in which they reside;

in good health;


neat in appearance and able to express them­selves clearly and logically;


of a sound, general educational background and well-qualified;


interested in and clearly enthusiastic about their chosen vocations, and possess outstanding vo­cational skills;


open-minded, tolerant and flexible; and


proficient (preferably fluent) in the major language(s) of the host district.


NOTE: Qualified Rotaract members should be en­couraged to apply for team membership. Rela­tives of a deceased Rotarian may also be eligible for GSE team membership, if they meet the above qualifications.



Ineligibility Rules


The following are ineligible for any award or grant, including GSE team membership, from The Rotary Foundation:


a Rotarian or honorary Rotarian;


a member of a provisional Rotary club, an em­ployee of a Rotary club, district, or other Rotary entity or of Rotary International;


any Rotarian's (or honorary Rotarian's) or Rotary employee's spouse, ancestor (parent or grandparent by blood), lineal descendant (child or grandchild by blood and any legally adopted child), or spouse of a lineal descendant;

the spouse of another team member; or


a former Rotarian (or honorary Rotarian) or Rotarian's spouse, ancestor (parent or grandpar­ent by blood), lineal descendant, or spouse of lineal descendant who resigned for the express purpose of becoming a team member. A former Rotarian must have been resigned from Rotary at least three years at the time of application for him or her or any of the above-mentioned per­sons to be eligible for team membership.




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