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It is a great honor for me to serve as this year's Group Study Exchange (GSE) Chairman. We have many distinguished committee members including District Governor Bob Benson, District Governor Elect David "Sully" Sullivan, District Governor Nominee Don Lee, Past District Governor for two terms Chuck Katze, Past GSE Chairman Edgar Cornell, South African Consul Ivan Vosloo, New York Rotary Club President Elect Greg Lynch,  Jim Romeo, Neil O’Connell, Paul Rothstein and Wayne Dill. We expect to have a great GSE year. Our destination is District 9250, which includes South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Swaziland. It is also Ivan Vosloo’s home district in South Africa. We need the support from as many Rotarians as possible to make the GSE Project successful. It will be a fun project that promotes better international understanding. South Africa is a very important country.

Matts Ingemanson

GSE Chairman

District 7230


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GSE Meeting at our favorite Diner


A typical GSE Committee meeting at the Odyssey Diner in Eastchester, NY on February 20th, 2003. From left to right District Governor 2002-2003 Bob Benson, Past GSE Chairman Edgar Cornell, GSE Chairman Matts Ingemanson, District Governor 2003-2004 David "Sully" Sullivan, District Governor 2004-2005 Don Lee and Applications Officer Paul Rothstein. District Governor 1996-1998 Chuck Katze was also present, hiding behind Sully. You can see Chuck's both hands sticking out.


We had great support from

The Rotary Foundation


GSE Chairman Matts Ingemanson together with Ann Tierney, our Group Study Exchange Coordinator at The Rotary International Headquarters in Evanston, IL.



South Africa's

Friendly School Program


The Director of South Africa's Friendly School Program Chris Pretorius (middle) reported to the Rotary Club of New York on June 8, 2004 about how only $14,000 is enough money to modernize a whole school for orphan children in South Africa. To the left of Chris is Immediate Past District 7230 Governor Bob Benson and to the right is Rotary Club of New York President Greg Lynch. Both are members of the Group Study Exchange Committee.



District 7230

GSE Team Reports

Our District 7230 Team Leader Peter Grunthal has written the following GSE Team Reports:

Report for the week May 6 – 11

Report for the week May 12 – 18

Report for the week May 19 – 27

Final Report on June 7


Thank you Peter for doing a great job!




GSE Committee Members


Matts Ingemanson (Chairman)

David Sullivan (District Governor 2003-2004)

Don Lee (District Governor 2004-2005)

Chuck Katze (District Governor 1996-1998, Treasurer)

Bob Benson (District Governor 2002-2003)

Edgar Cornell (Past Chairman, Past Assistant DG, Secretary)

Greg Lynch (District Conference Chairman New York)

Neil O'Connell (Past Assistant DG, New York)

Paul Rothstein (Applications Officer)

Ivan Vosloo (South African Consul)

Jim Romeo (Printing)

Wayne Dill (Bermuda)

Peter Grunthal (GSE Team Leader 2002-2003)


What is Group Study Exchange?


The Group Study Exchange Program of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for young business and professional men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 in the initial years of their professional life. The program provides travel grants for teams of young participants to exchange visits between paired areas in different countries. For four to six weeks, team members study the host country's institutions and ways of life, observe their own vocations as practiced abroad, develop personal and professional relationships, and exchange ideas.



Why should You participate?


Individuals who participate in this valuable, once-in-a-lifetime experience will return home, not only with new perspectives and an enlarged vision, but with fresh ideas and an understanding of a nation's culture, commerce and government that can be invaluable to a country's, and a company's, future. A Group Study Exchange offers the most unique and rewarding skills-building opportunity and personal growth experience available to young professionals as humanity steps forward to face the challenges of the 21st century.


GSE Team Member Application Form


GSE Team Leader Application Form





Our Partner District for 2002-2003

Information about District 9250



What is Group Study Exchange all about?

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Conditions For Team Members

Ineligibility Rules

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Pictures from

Past District Governor

& GSE Committee Member

Chuck Katze's

trip to Rotary District 9250

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The 9250 Team Itinerary


at a Glance


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The Complete


Group Study Exchange



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Please be patient, because it takes some  time

for the 11 page GSE brochure to download.


To read the Itinerary or the Group Study Exchange Brochure, you need Acrobat Reader 5.0. If you do not already have Acrobat Reader 5.0, you can download it for free from the Internet.



Letter from

District 9250 Governor

Doug Thistlewhite


My Dearest Rotary friends,


Please extend district 9250 best wishes to all at your conference and a big thank you to everyone on the superb trip our GSE team are having.


I hope we are as successful with your folk on their visit to South Africa. Bob (Benson) you have had a great year as District Governor our sincere congratulations to you and Doris.


It has been a privilege to team up with your district. Have a great two days and we are looking forward to meeting your team on Tuesday.


Warmest Greetings

Doug Thistlewhite

District 9250 Governor 2002-2003




Information about

District 9250 & their Team

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The District 7230 GSE team represents


the best that New York and


Bermuda has to offer!


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Report to Rotary International

District 7230 GSE Team's

visit to District 9250

Click here for the complete 46 page report


To read the District 7230 Group Study Exchange Report to Rotary International, you need at least Acrobat Reader 5.0. If you do not already have Acrobat Reader, you can download the latest version for free from the Internet.



Important Message from

District Governor 2002-2003

Bob Benson!


To all Rotarians in District 7230,


The Group Study Exchange Program (GSE) promotes international understanding and brings Rotary Districts around the world closer together. 


I was a GSE team leader a couple of years ago. It was one of my greatest Rotary experiences. My team members also had experiences they will treasure for the rest of their lives. GSE offers the opportunity to all Rotarian to give young professionals the chance of a lifetime and at the same time contribute to better international understanding. We need from you applications for non-Rotarian team candidates of age 25-40 and a team leader, who is a Rotarian. You can download the application forms from our GSE website at Please mail the applications to Paul Rothstein, 55 Hillside Terrace, Irvington, N.Y. 10533. The application deadline is February 28, 2003. 


Our GSE partner is District 9250, which includes part of South Africa, part of Mozambique, all of Botswana and all of the Sovereign Kingdom of Swaziland. We need your support to make our GSE project successful.


Let me introduce our GSE committee members. Matts Ingemanson is our Chairman and he is in charge of a great group of members. They are District Governor 2003-2004 David “Sully” Sullivan, District Governor 1986-1988 Chuck Katze, District Governor 2004-2005 Don Lee, Past GSE Chairman Edgar Cornell, Past Assistant District Governor Neil O’Connor, Rotary Club of New York President 2003-2004 Greg Lynch, Gift of Life Officer Jim Romeo, Applications Officer Paul Rothstein and South African Consul Ivan Vosloo and . I am also a member of the committee. I would not miss it for anything. 


If you have questions about the GSE program, you can go to the GSE website at or contact GSE Chairman Matts Ingemanson via e-mail or via telephone 212-675-8282. 


Yours in Rotary


Bob Benson

District Governor 2002-2003


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