"Spokes makes it gracious bow to the members of the Rotary Club of New York in this issue. The Idea is to make it a helpful little thing to the club as a club and to a member as a business man. The size of it was only determined after a good deal of cogitating and consideration of requirements. It fits any pocket without folding, except the vest pockets, so don't try to get it into one of these - you might get your suit out of shape and that would never do in fastidious New York.  
     It will give in concise form the minutes of the previous meeting, boiled down a bit, other club matters that should properly be drown to the attention of members, and everything else in the nature of business affairs that can possibly go in print. This will give a member a chance to digest when he is resting and economize at the meetings so that practically no time will be consumed except for eat, laugh, meet and learn."
-Clipping from THE ROTARIAN
January, 1914