Helen Reisler


President of the Rotary Club of New York 2001-2002 



My Fellow Rotarians,


2001-2002 was a year we will never forget. Our great City of New York was viciously attacked, and with it a sense of security that we have always taken for granted.


But, we found a new sense of security within the "Rotary World." Our fellow club members came together, as a solid team, to address this unprecedented challenge, and support each other. Thousands of Rotarians, from every corner of the globe, continue to embrace us with their assistance, love and compassion.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support during my year as President.

Yours in Rotary,

Helen Reisler

President 2001-2002


Accomplishments by the

Rotary Club of New York

During Helen Reisler's Presidency


  • Selected winning ambassadorial scholars to study abroad

  • Sponsored 18 Ambassadorial scholars from other countries

  • Led a Group Study Exchange to Brazil

  • Sent 3,000 of sweaters to the children of Mongolia

  • Donated an artificial leg to Mongolia

  • Saved children’s' lives through our "Gift of Life" host program

  • Served hundreds of homeless people, weekly, at a soup kitchen

  • Bought the 11 Fraternite" a new van for humanitarian deeds

  • Coordinated humanitarian projects in Ethiopia and Thailand

  • "Ambassadors of Peace Youth Orchestra" played at memorials

  • Had 8 families of victims "adopted" by Rotarians in other states

  • Sent rescue workers to New Zealand, England, and Nantucket

  • Honored "The Lucky Six" on Firefighters' Recognition Day

  • Honored a police hero on "Police Recognition Day"

  • Accumulated over $1.4 million in our 9/11 Disaster Relief Fund

  • Created a "Disaster Relief Fund Advisory Committee"

  • Disbursed $1.13 million to the "neediest" affected by 9/11

  • Individual members helped out at "the Pit" for months

  • Hosted rescue workers, families of victims and fund contributors

  • Developed and maintained an "up to the minute'" website

  • Featured in 6 page "Rotarian" magazine article, "Ground Zero"

  • Featured in the "Staten Island Advance" newspaper

  • Featured in a Documentary made in New Zealand about 9/11

  • Helped the Rotary Club of Delta, Canada deliver kids' quilts

  • Coordinated outstanding weekly speakers and programs

  • Conducted monthly, informative, International Breakfasts

  • Placed weekly meeting notices in "Crains NY Business"

  • Conducted "Mankind is our Business" poster contest

  • Sponsored the "Electric Learning Center" in Harlem

  • Assisted Habitat for Humanity‑developed residential project

  • Inducted 4 new "Paul Harris Fellows"

  • Club President attended all Foundation meetings

  • Received special citation from Mongolia for humanitarian deeds

  • Honored by the New York City Parks Commissioner

  • Attracted 30 new members


History was made on July 10th, 2001 when Helen Reisler was installed as the first woman president of the 92-year-old Rotary Club of New York.




The 9/11 World Trade Center Disaster

in New York City!

It happened in our home town on 9/11 during Helen Reisler's presidency. Like any other Rotary Club would, we helped our city during its disaster. We did so with the support from compassionate Rotarians from around the World.

Click here to read more about it.







Helen Reisler, President 2001-2002 of the Rotary Club of New York, received more than 350 e-mails from Rotarians around the world during the months that followed the World Trade Center disaster and has since translated her contacts into a relief program for the loved ones of the victims. Following is a list of all information and forms (in pdf format) that is needed to participate. Just double click on the items that you want to download:


Article in the Staten Island Advance on January 30th, 2002

Letter to Rescue Workers and Families of Victims

911 Airmile Program Donation Form

Adopt A 911 Family Form

Individual Rescue Workers Application Form

Family Profile Form





On June 11th, President Helen Reisler handed over the leadership to our incoming President for 2002-2003 Silvio Amori. Thank you Helen for a great year!



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