Young Girls Educational Program


The followings are ten girl's pictures and profiles which Young Girls Educational Program

Committee sponsored.


Rotarian Takako Johnson








1.Maya Chaudhari

†††† 8 years old


-       Father: Bhagat Narayan Chaudhari

-       Both father and mother are disabled

-       Maya has been bonded twice (annual bond basis) to one of the landlords in a nearby village

-       her parents got NRs.1,000/- for one year

-       Maya worked as a house cleaner and dishwasher.


2.Sita Chaudhari

†††† 13 yrs old


-      Father: Ramcharan Chaudhari

-      Mother: Bagdi Chaudhari

-      Size of family: 7

-      She worked in Puthan for one year, in a nearby village for another year, and in Butwal for one year. She worked for 3 yearsas a Kamlarni.

-      She never knew how much her parents received from the labor contractor.



3.Sumitra Chaudhari

†††† 13 yrs old


-       Father: Motilal Chaudhari

-       Mother: Anarkali Chaudhari

-       Size of family: 12

-       Sumitra first worked in Ghorahi for 4 years, and then in Arghaakhachi for 1 year.

-       She does not know how much her parents received from the labor contractor for her work in Ghorahi; the parents received NRs.3,000/- for her work in Argkhaakhachi.

-       Her work was caravaning, washing and house cleaning.



4.Ramkali Chaudhari

†††† 13 years


-      Father: Prithvipal Chauddhari

-      Mother: Sita Chaudhari

-      Size of family: 8

-      She worked in a nearby village for 2 years, and in Lamahi Bazaar for 1 year.

-      She did not know how much her parents received for her 2 years work with the village landlord. Her parents got NRs. 7,000/- for the work in Lamahi Bazaar.


5.Punam Chaudhari

†††† 10 years old


-       Father: Prabhunarayan Chaudhari

-       Mother: Sita Kumari Chaudhari

-       Size of family: 8

-       She proudly said she worked in the house of a former Member of Parliament (Mr. Shivaraj Gautam, CPN-UML), who is now member of the Central Bureau of the Revolutionaries; but the parents did not get any single penny.

6.Sunita Chaudhari

†††† 10 years


-††† Father: Chaitu Chaudhari

-††† Mother: Anita Chaudhari (both father and mother earn their living from daily wages. They han no land of their own).

-††† Sunita worked as a Kamlarni for 1 year in nearby village

-††† She does not know how much her parents got from her one year contract as a bonded labor.








7.Kismati Chaudhari

†††† 13 years


-††† Father: Gurudas Chaudhari- blind

-††† Mother: dead

-††† Elder brother-1, younger brother-1.

-††† Kismati has already worked for 7 years as Kamalarni at different places: Kathmandu -1 yr (washing and cleaning), Falkapur, Dang - 4 yrs (caravaning, grass and firewood cutting), Dang - 2 yrs (cleaning & washing)

-††† Kismati and her father didnít get any money from any place she worked.



8.Amrita Chaudhari

†††† 11 years


-††† Father: Motelal Chaudhari

-††† bothers - 4,

-††† She worked in village-landlordís house in Narti

-††† soucre of living: wages, shared fartning

9.Basanti Chaudbari, 10

†††† Rita Chandhari (sisters)


-††† Fatherís name: Nirmal Chaudhari;

-††† brothers : X, sisters: 6 (inclusive of Basanti and Rita),

-††† No. of family members: 8

-††† Land owned: 1 kattha;

-††† Income source of the family: wages, shared farming

10.Damanti Nepail

†††† 11 years


-††† Fatherís name: Ram Bahahir Nepali;

-††† Brother: 1, sisters: 6 (inclusive)

-††† land owned: 3 Kathha