Frank Talk



at the Rotary Club of New York



Rotary International President 2000-2001 and present

RI Foundation Trustee Frank Devlyn visited our

legendary club on November 12th, 2002


We had the honor of hosting Frank Devlyn, Past President of Rotary International 2000-2001. Frank talked about the impact Rotarians have on charitable causes and mentioned cataract operations in particular. Over 20 million people are unnecessarily blind due to operable cataracts. He also mentioned his book “Frank Talk; How YOU can make a difference”. Frank donated 95 copies of the book, which can be purchased. Proceeds will go to Polio Plus. Frank also commended Sylvan Barnet for his work in general and specifically for the recent successful UN day.


Frank gave a forceful presentation about Polio Plus, Avoidable Blindness and his book "Frank Talk".


Frank with President Silvio (left) and RI Alternate UN Rep Sylvan "Barney" Barnet (right).



Frank signs a copy of his book "Frank Talk" for New York Rotary Director Giorgio Balestrieri.


Frank in a spirited discussion with Past District Governor Paul Caruso and Director Giorgio Balestrieri.


Frank in conversation with the meeting's speaker Dr. Joseph Skelly.



Frank in conversation with Past Director Larry Parks




Frank in a private moment with RI Alternative United Nations Representative Barney Barnet



Frank shows his book "Frank Talk" to PDG Paul Caruso and his lovely wife Gail.


Written by Erik Enroth & Matts Ingemanson

Photographed by Matts Ingemanson





Message from Frank 10 days later:


Dear Rotarians and Friends of the New York City Rotary Club,


I was elated and honored to have had the opportunity to briefly speak at your Nov. 12th meeting before the guest speaker. I was happy to see a new, invigorated Rotary Club. I say this because you can get a certain feeling when you visit clubs that are looking for ways to progress. Without a doubt, the work you carried out to help the victims of the 9-11 events stands out for the world of Rotary as a great example for other Rotary Clubs. You are well aware that in the past, many in the leadership of Rotary used to complain that New York was not being proactive and opening up to helping get other Rotary Clubs started in the city. I can understand that you had your reasons but it is good to see that you are accepting that it just might be proper to have some other Rotary Clubs in the city.


I have to congratulate you for the excellent work you have been doing towards promoting Rotaract and all you are doing with the Gift of Life program. It was also gratifying to learn through a group of Rotarians that you would like to help start a Rotary Matcher Club Fellowship worldwide to help combat terrorism. Please know that I will be talking to other leaders in Rotary to find a way to help the New York City Rotary Club bring together a representative club from each country to form this Country Matcher Club Fellowship. Hope all of you will enjoy reading my Frank Talk book of which I was happy to donate 95 copies to help your club in your fundraising endeavors for the Polio Campaign


I also hope your club considers inviting the ambassadors and permanent representatives to the UN to be Honorary members of the New York city Rotary Club for which there is no cost to your club. Whenever these members come to visit, they would pay as any visiting Rotarian. I mention this because we have had tremendous results in other cities of the world where the same has been done, like in D.C. where 25 ambassadors were brought in as Honorary Rotarians, in the Chicago 1 Club 38 Consul Generals were brought in and I could go on and on.


I look forward to visiting you as I will be promoting the work of the Avoidable Blindness Task Force of Rotary International at the New York Optical Fair in the month of March, 2003.


My regards to all. Keep up the good work. You are Sowing the Seeds of Love and Creating Awareness for Rotarians to Take Action with your good work.


Your amigo in Mexico City,


Frank Devlyn


You can read about Avoidable Blindness at


You can read about “Frank Talk” at




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