We Had a Great Holiday Party

with Fraternite Notre Dame

for Under-Privileged Children

in Harlem

December 18, 2002!


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The Fraternite Notre Dame

Annual Christmas Party in Harlem


How do you make 1250 kids happy? Have the Fraternite Notre Dame give a Christmas Party. That's what wonderful nuns from the Fraternite did last week. Under the guidance of the Most Reverend Roger Jean Marie Kozik the nuns held their annual Christmas Party at Junior High 45 in Manhattan. There were happy faces and broad smiles as the youngsters lined up to meet Santa Claus. For three hours, with lines of children going out the door and half a block away, Santa did his work. Every child had a stop for food, a warm greeting a gift from Santa and holiday treats.


There were Rotarian elves attending too. Santa needed all the help he could get with the boy and girl lines continuously streaming up for their moment with Santa. Each gift was beautifully wrapped, and identified to match the age of the child in line. The Rotarians deserve special credit for their diligence and attention to the elf tasks. Santa performed with tenderness and warmth. The elves were the stage crew making sure a gift reached Santa as the child came forward. The one thousand two hundred and fifty smiles and "thank you's" were a Christmas treat and reward for all who made the party a success.


The Rotarians left Harlem knowing the sisters from the Fraternite Notre Dame are special people who help the homeless families from the neighborhood. The Rotarians parted with appreciation that they could be part of the service to the community. Rotarians commend the nuns who earned a special note of gratitude for the Herculean task of organizing the party.


The Rotarians serving at the Christmas party were Santa Taylor Gray, Kevin Donnelly, Henry Kang, Ed Gray, David Wankoff, Lou DiPaolo, Clarence Plummer, Lillian Coury, President Silvio Amori, Werner Kobelt, Bill DeLong, Matts Ingemanson, and Andreas Runggatscher. A special guest, soon to be Rotaract, Jessyca Seltzer, was the youngest elf. She summed up the feelings of all of us with her remark: " I think we were the ones that got the most from the party, we got the thank you and hugs from the youngsters. And it was fun too."



Written by Lou DiPaolo

Photographs by Matts Ingemanson



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