Rotary's Global History Fellowship Chairman

Matts Ingemanson

speaks about

Rotary Founder Paul Harris'

Exciting Youth


It all started on September 4th, 2003, when Matts spoke at the Rotary Club of Yonkers, which is two times Past District Governor Chuck Katze’s Rotary Club. Chuck had invited him to give a new speech about Paul Harris. The Yonkers Rotarians enjoyed hearing about the exciting youth of Paul Harris, including his 5 restless years after law school when he traveled to different places in America and Europe and worked as a newspaper reporter, manual laborer, teacher at the L.A. Business College, actor in Denver, traveling marble salesman, cowboy, cattleman and sub-foreman of a gang of cattlemen. They also heard Paul Harris speak through a recording from 1933. Matts Ingemanson's presentation, in combination with Paul Harris' own speech, explained how Paul Harris inspired the creation and growth of Rotary to become the most prominent service organization in the world today. It showed Paul Harris as a youthful person that is more likely to inspire young people to join Rotary. It may surprise you that Paul Harris was only 37 years old when Rotary was founded in 1905 and only 42 years old when he became President of the National Association of Rotary Clubs, which later was re-named Rotary International.




Rotary Club of Yonkers, NY

September 4, 2003

Matts Ingemanson together with Rotary Club of Yonkers President Vera DeMarco and Two Times Past District 7230 Governor Chuck Katze.


Rotary Club of Chatham, MA

October 1, 2003

Matts Ingemanson together with Rotary Club of Chatham President Ralph Nixon.



On behalf of the Rotary Club of Chatham [MA], I wish to express our appreciation for your informative and entertaining presentation regarding Paul Harris and the start of Rotary. There is no question that it was enjoyed by all.


Many thanks....

John Edw. Gulow


All the visitors from Morristown to the Chatham club really enjoyed your presentation about Paul Harris. I have spoken to our program chairman and he said all of us would enjoy having you give a similar presentation at our club.

Finbarr M. Corr

Rotary Club of Morristown


Rotary Club of Metro New York

October 29, 2003

Matts Ingemanson together with Rotary Club of Metro New York President Kirsten Edstrom.


We really enjoyed your presentation - you should give it at the district meeting.


Kirsten Edstrom




Rotary Club of New York

November 4th, 2003


Rotary Club of New York President Greg Lynch (left) and Rotary International Trustee JK (Andy) Chande (middle) Congratulate Matts Ingemanson for his speech about Paul Harris.


More info about the Paul Harris speech at the

Rotary Club of New York





What a delightful presentation about Paul Harris. You put the facts together and introduced history like I have not heard it since I joined Rotary 24 years ago.


Keep up the good work. I liked your comments and how you had the radio broadcast from Paul himself. That is well done.

I hope you do well on your road show. Especially in Sweden. 

Lou DiPaolo


Rotary Club of New York


Rotary Club of Huddinge


November 17th, 2003


Matts Ingemanson together with Rotary Club of Huddinge President Inga-Lill Tingström. This time Matts delivered his speech in Swedish. It was a special homecoming because his father was President of this Rotary Club.




Rotary Club of Bronxville, NY

December 8th, 2003



Matts Ingemanson together with Rotary Club of Bronxville President Joe Ciccio (left) and Immediate Past District 7230 Governor Bob Benson (right). Bronxville is Bob's Rotary Club.




Thanks so much for coming to our club today. Your talk was well received. I will be sending out some information to the clubs I am working with. I hope you can present your talk to them sometime soon.


Yours in Rotary.


Don Hubert

Assistant District Governor




Rotary Club of Morristown, NJ

January 7th, 2004



Matts Ingemanson together with (from the left) Past Rotary International Director and current RI Representative to the United Nations Bob Coultas, Finbarr Corr (who saw Matts speak at the Rotary Club of Chatham, MA) and Morristown Rotary Club President Roy Bumiller.



Dear Matts:

Good job at the Morristown Rotary Club today.  The club members were very interested to hear some of the Paul Harris information.  You did a wonderful job!

Again thanks for today,

Bob Coultas

Rotary International Representative to the United Nations


Rotary Club of Stockholm International


February 16th, 2004

Banner exchange before Matts Ingemanson's speech at the Rotary Club of Stockholm International.  Because it is an International Rotary Club, Matts gave his speech in English. From left Matts, Rotary Club President Ronald Pavellas and Rotary District 2350 Webmaster Tord Elfwendahl, who designed the banner for this Rotary Club. Tord also designed the Swedish Flag Emblem that the Rotary Club of New York used for Sweden Day on January 27, 2004.


Rotary Club of Stockholm


February 17th, 2004

Happy faces after Matts Ingemanson spoke about Paul Harris at the Rotary Club of Stockholm, which is the oldest Rotary Club in Sweden. It was founded in 1926. Matts gave his speech in Swedish and is here together with Rotary Club President Birgit Erngren Wohlin (right) and Incoming President Thomas Franze'n (left). Birgit is holding up the New York Rotary Banner. Matts (middle) is dressed in his New York Rotary Club tie.




Thank you for your wonderful speech!


Birgit Erngren Wohlin


Rotary Club of Stockholm






Thank you for a fun and inspiring speech!


Live well!


Thomas Franze'n

President Elect

Rotary Club of Stockholm





Rotary Club of Branchville, NJ

March 5th, 2004



Even though the Rotary Club of Branchville in Northern New Jersey is only 90 minutes from New York City. It is a place where bears are often seen in the streets at night. Matts Ingemanson is seen here together with Program Director Laura Smith and President Jeff Hatch (right).


Rotary Club of Union, NJ

March 11th, 2004

Matts spoke about Paul Harris at the Rotary Club of Union, NJ. It was the first time that Matts gave his speech in District 7510. The meeting took place at the Suburban Golf Club.



Rotary Club of the Bronx, NY

October 5, 2004

Matts Ingemanson (holding a Certificate of Appreciation) is seen here together with members of the Rotary Club of the Bronx from left Assistant District Governor 1999-2000 Edgar Cornell, President Caroline Pitts and Program Director Paula Gannon. Photo by Assistant District Governor Jim Romeo.



Rotary Club of Lake Hopatcong, NJ

October 21, 2004

The members at the Rotary Club of Lake Hopatcong, NJ in District 7470 were enthusiastic to hear about how Paul Harris was as a young man. Matts is here together with RC of Lake Hopatcong President Bob Wood, who presented Matts with a Paul Harris t-shirt that Bob himself had designed and printed.


Rotary Club of Boonton, NJ

October 26, 2004

Matts took this speaking engagement with only 18 hours notice. He is seen here together with Rotary Club of Boonton President Carol Champagne.


Rotary Club of Philadelphia

November 4, 2004

The Rotary Club of Philadelphia was founded in 1911 as the 19th Rotary Club in History. Matts is seen here together with President Joan Batory and Program Chair Richard Trivane, who is also Past President of the Rotary Club of Philadelphia.

Thanks, Matts, for presenting such a fascinating and meaningful profile of Paul Harris at our meeting. It was a pleasure meeting you.  I like the idea of quoting Paul Harris at our meetings and will begin to do that regularly.


You and the Fellowship are doing a great service to Rotary International. I appreciate your service, in part I suppose, because I have an undergraduate degree in history and know the value of understanding our past.  More importantly, we need to understand the past in order to root our future efforts in the achievements of past generations of successful Rotarians.


Thanks again for taking the time to introduce us to this Rotary activity.


Joan Batory


Rotary Club of Philadelphia


Rotary Club of Elmsford, NY

November 11, 2004

Matts Ingemanson is here together with Rotary Club of Elmsford President Divyendu Narayan and Frances Chu. It was Frances, who invited Matts to speak there.


Dear Matts,


Thank you so very much for speaking at our Club today.  It was such an interesting topic.  We all enjoyed your talk very much.  While listening to the story about Paul Harris' youth, I was very impressed of the amount of research work you did about the Rotary history. I was sorry that so many of our members had to miss your talk because of the holiday.  However, I was happy for the opportunity of chatting with you.  You are so knowledgeable on so many areas of interest, it was a real pleasure chatting with you. 


Yours at Elmsford Rotary,

Frances Chu


Rotaract Club at the United Nations

December 2, 2004

Matts had a great time speaking to the Rotaract Club at the United Nations in New York. The Rotaractors were very interested in Paul Harris and asked Matts many questions about both Paul Harris and Rotary.


Rotary Club of Eastchester, NY

February 16, 2005

The members at the Rotary Club of Eastchester had a great time and were very interested in the history of Paul Harris and Rotary. They also asked Matts many questions after the speech.




I want to tell you that your talk was excellent and it woke up some people in the club.  You were a joy to have and hope you would like to return either for the fellowship of our club or because you have a new talk. It was terrific; be advised that if you need a good letter of referral, please feel free to call me. 


Mike Fix


Rotary Club of Eastchester



Rotary Club of Chicago - Rotary/One

Celebration of Rotary's Centennial!

February 22, 2005

Rotary Global History Fellowship (RGHF) played an important roll in the Centennial Celebration of the Rotary Club of Chicago (Rotary/One) as the first Rotary Club in history with both RGHF Chairman Matts Ingemanson and RGHF Director Dick McKay as speakers. From left RGHF Director and Immediate Past President of Rotary/One Dick McKay, RGHF Chairman Matts Ingemanson, President of Rotary/One Robert (Robb) Knuepfler and Past District 3210 Governor Dr. R. Asokan from India. You can also see Rotarians from Japan in the background.


The Sussex County Rotary Clubs

100th Anniversary Celebration of Rotary

March 22, 2005

Matts Ingemanson, Chairman of Rotary Global History Fellowship (RGHF), spoke about Paul Harris' Exciting Youth during the Sussex County Rotary Clubs 100th Anniversary Celebration of Rotary, which was organized by six Rotary Clubs in District 7470. From left to right President-Rotary Club of Wallkill Valley Gloria Zurlo, Assistant District Governor Barbara Miller, President-Rotary Club of Hampton Township Rich Herman, RGHF Chairman Matts Ingemanson, President-Rotary Club of Branchville Laura Smith, President-Rotary Club of Sparta Fran Smith, President-Rotary Club of Vernon Township Kevin Coleman, President-Rotary Club of Newton Nancy Morrisey and District Governor Michael Rabasca.

Dear Matts:


On behalf of the Rotary Clubs of Sussex County, I would like to thank you for taking the time to join us last week for our Centennial Celebration. In spite of the long drive from New York City your energy and enthusiasm never waned, and I hope that you were able to enjoy the time of fellowship and friendship as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you.


Your presentation on the life of Paul Harris provided us with great insight about his exciting youth. In addition, you reminded us once again how what seemed to be an insignificant meeting of four young men in 1905 has ultimately had an immeasurable impact on the lives of people all over the world. That alone should encourage us all to keep working to assure that the mission of Rotary International carries on!




Barbara Miller

Assistant Governor

Rotary District 7470



Rotary Club of Pleasantville, NY

May 12, 2005

Matts Ingemanson is together with members of the Rotary Club of Pleasantville. Everybody enjoyed hearing about Rotary Founder Paul Harris as a symbol of youth.


Rotary District 5170 Conference

Santa Clara, CA

May 21, 2005




Approximately 250 Rotarians listened to Matts Ingemanson's speech about Paul Harris' Exciting Youth during the Rotary District 5170 Conference in Santa Clara, CA. On the left picture, Matts is congratulated for his speech by District Governor Ron Sekkel, who is also a member of Rotary Global History Fellowship. On the right picture, Matts is congratulated by (from left to right) by Rotary Foundation's Holger (Hogie) Hansen and Rotary International Past President 1986-87 M.A,T. Caparas.  



Rotary Global History Fellowship Chairman Matts Ingemanson

together with members from the Rotary Club of Hanyang in Seoul, Korea



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