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March 1, 2004




Fellow Rotarians,


Our next meeting on March 2nd, will be Police Recognition Day. We will meet this year’s heroes, who are Detectives Scott Strauss and Patrick McGee. After the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, Police Officer Strauss and his partner, Police Officer McGee were informed that two police officers were trapped in the center of what had been Austin J. Tobin Plaza. Though warned that a nearby building was fully engulfed in flames and in danger of imminent collapse, the officers raced to the location where despite poor visibility, fire, and smoke, they climbed over twisted steel until an opening was found and contact was established with the trapped officers so that they could be saved with great risk for their own lives. You can read more about this heroic achievement in the latest Bulletin on our website at (click on the link).


This week’s Reporter of the Week in the Bulletin is written by Past Director Bernhard Fabricius, who has been a member of our legendary Rotary Club since 1988. Thank you Bernhard for a very informative report!


A representative of the Peace Corps Headquarters is coming to New York On Monday, March 1 to discuss with interested members of the Rotary Club of New York the possibility of pooling our efforts in an international project. The meeting will take place at the Harvard Club, 27 West 44th Street, at 6:00 p.m. You can call President Greg Lynch at (212) 629-0629 for more information.


You can call Board Director David Del Monte at (212) 360-2283 for information about the 1st Annual Rotary Club of New York Retreat, which will take place on Saturday, May 8th, at the Grand Plaza Hotel, White Plains. The purpose is to create a vision and plan for the 2004-05 Rotary year.


I received the following message from our Executive Director Andreas Runggatscher:


Dear Matts,


Would you be so kind and make a last appeal to our members via your opening newsletter remarks, for the chance of submitting a roster ad, $100 for half page, $200 full page. Definite deadline - Monday, March 1st.


Thank you so much,


Best regards,

Andreas Runggatscher
Executive Director
Rotary Club of New York
Tel. 212 633 1311
Fax. 212 633 1954


You can contact Andreas at his phone or fax number. You can also reach him via e-mail at


Our Board of Directors has approved no less than four new members. They are Nancy Tafoya, Chukky Okafor, Voy Sobon, Thome Nicocelli, Jesus Bergantinos and Rosa Valdes-Montalva. Welcome to our legendary Rotary Club! You can read more about them in the latest Bulletin at


When I returned to New York from Sweden, I found the following invitation from Nadia Kovarskaya, who is a member of the Rotary Club of St Petersburg in Russia:



My Dear Friends!


I would be happy to see you this Sunday at my Gallery opening, it is also my birthday-once in a four years! Russian music, Art, Birthday cake!


Greeley Square Gallery

32 W 31st street

(Btw fifth and Broadway)

February, 29

2-6 p.m.


My best wishes,

Nadia Kovarskaya


Nadia often visits our Rotary Club when she is in New York. My wife Sundra and I went to the event, which was great with paintings by Nadia, wine, cheese, Russian music and Russian singing. The picture shows Nadia and the Russian musicians singing and playing in front of one of her paintings.


Last week was dramatic with the virus attack. I received the following message with advice from Pauline Augustine at the Rotary Club of Upper Manhattan:


Dear Matts,


I found an easy and quick way for those with Windows systems with SYSTEM RESTORE to get rid of the infections that were sent recently.  If the SYSTEM RESTORE exists all you have to do is ask the system to restore itself back to the day before any virus was accidentally downloaded.  I just did this and so far so good.


Pauline Augustine


Thank you Pauline for your advice!


I received the following message from Ray Klinginsmith from the Rotary Club of Kirksville, Missouri:




Thanks for your quick and effective response to the virus.  I did receive the Re: Important message, but it was identified and quarantined by my anti-virus program!


Ray Klinginsmith -- Kirksville, Missouri


Ray’s message shows how important it is to have an anti-virus program. If you don’t already use an anti-virus program, you can buy Symantec’s Anti-Virus on the Internet at the following link:

(click on the link)


You can buy McAfee’s Virus Scan at the following link:

(click on the link)


Either one of these anti-virus programs are indispensable tools for virus protection. Also keep in mind that if you in the future receive a message that looks suspicious and has an attachment, do not open the attachment, but delete the message.


I received the following message from Rotary International Past President Frank Devlyn:


Dear Amigos:


Happy Anniversary on Rotary's 99th to you, your club & District.


Today February 23rd. is our 99th Anniversary and Rotary has never been as strong as it is today and has never had as much prestige at the International level as it does today. It is up to each of us in our own way & in our sphere of Rotary Influence to Create Awareness & Take Action  as all of us "Lend a hand" to "Celebrate Rotary" for our 99th and upcoming 100th Anniversary.


There are so many good things that Gloria Rita and I have received from Rotary but one that stands out is your friendship.


Your amigos in México City,


Frank & Gloria Rita Devlyn


I encourage every Rotarian to "Remember our Promise.  To Eradicate Polio" by supporting the Polio Plus Endeavors of Our Rotary Foundation.


The message of "Every Rotarian....Every Year" in regards to giving to Our Rotary Foundation also has to be reminded over & over.


BY THE WAY YOU ONLY HAVE A FEW DAYS to include any added ideas or suggestions for my new Frank Talk 2 book on Membership Retention which you can send to David Forward (my famous ghost writer) at


Thank you Frank, for your message! Frank is on the go as usual Creating Awareness and Taking Action, which can be very useful when we Lend a Hand and Celebrate Rotary while Sowing the Seeds of Love.


It is well known among Rotarians that the first Rotary meeting took place on February 23rd, 1905. What may be less known is that exactly 49 years later on February 23rd, 1954 Dr. Salk announced the introduction of the first polio vaccine. Isn’t it interesting that Rotary 50 years later is playing a leading roll in the final eradication of polio?


Don't forget to reserve your table for our next meeting. You can reserve via e-mail to our office at, or call Andreas or Ana at 212-633-1311. You can also fax in the RSVP form, which you can download at Our fax number is 212-633-1954. At our next meeting, the culinary staff at the Princeton Club will serve us Police Recognition Day Meatloaf.


I recommend that you visit our New York Rotary website every week at or  You can study the history of the Rotary Club of New York at You can read every Bulletin since 2001 on our website at We have previous issues of the Newsletter at



Rotary is about having fun

and do good things!



Matts Ingemanson


Internet Communications Division

The Rotary Club of New York


Senior Vice President

Rotary's Global History Fellowship


Chairman 2002-2004

Group Study Exchange

Rotary District 7230



The power of the Internet puts the brains of millions of people together. It also puts 1.2 million Rotarians together. It does not matter where we are and when we are available. The Internet makes it possible for Rotarians around the world to instantly participate.


This newsletter has also been posted on our website at or


I want to thank our Executive Director Andreas Runggatscher and his Executive Assistant Ana Rivas for working so hard every week creating and mailing the Weekly Bulletin. In addition to mailing it out to our members, they also send me the electronic Bulletin so I can upload it on our website. They have also been working hard with the administration of the World Trade Center - Disaster Relief Fund.


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7.                Matts Ingemanson, Helen Reisler and Jim Thompson from the New York Rotary Club were interviewed on Rotary Radio Tuesday July 9, 2002.


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