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May 10, 2004




Fellow Rotarians,


Our next meeting on May 11h will be Membership Day and the Final Day for our very successful Paul Harris Campaign. You can read more about Membership Day in the latest Bulletin on our website at (click on the link).


This weekís Reporter of the Week is written by Dentist and New York Rotarian Kayhan Civelek, who joined the Rotary Club of New York last year. Kayhanís classification is Dental Health Services of New York. Thank you Kayhan for a very good report!


Last week, I published a debate message from Past District Governor Glen Nygren about District Policy regarding fundraising. After Glenís message, I received the following debate message from Rotary Club of New York President Greg Lynch:


Dear Matts, 


I refer to your capsulization of two views within our District 7230 regarding both giving and District support of projects.  This is an important matter for the District leaders, for Rotary Clubs and for all 1800 Rotarians in our District.  Giving is always a challenge and there are many good causes.  I was interested in the words of PDG Glenn Nygren.  Glen is a wise and seasoned Rotarian from whom I have often sought advice.  On this occasion, I was not clear on the connection between the thoughts he shared in the NEWSLETTER and the underlying viewpoints, as presented.


May I also share a few thoughts:


1) The goal of $100 per Rotarian has been established by RI President Elect Glen as part of the broader theme of Rotary's 100th Anniversary.  It is a universal goal for Rotary members in the 31,000 + Rotary Clubs worldwide.  In some areas $100 may be serious money.  In our District, we might hope for substantially greater contributions.


2) Granted, if every Rotary member in District 7230 gave $100 we could count on $180,000. That would be a good beginning, but would it suffice for the needs and services we Rotarians currently provide?  Would it be enough for the needs and services we dream of fulfilling?


3) I have just come back from the District 7230 Conference. It is clear to me that there are many projects the District seeks to support: youth exchange, international scholarships, the new peace scholars, group study exchange, rotary youth leadership, Rotaract, Interact, Gift of Life, the New Neo-Natal Tetanus project. The list goes on and on. I am sure I have forgotten to list favorite projects of one or another Club within the District. Yes, some would like to focus on a limited number of projects (just one project seems inconsistent with the above list). Others like the idea of options. Many Rotarians believe in unrestricted giving - support without strings - so that Rotary International with its Districts can continue a remarkable history of service and support; and


4) It would be great to hear from Governor Sully and Governor Elect Don, as well as from other Rotarians from District 7230, on this important topic.


Matts, Thanks for opening what could be an interesting dialogue.


Best regards,


Greg Lynch


The Rotary Club of New York


Thank you Greg, for your message. I look forward to messages from other Rotarians in our Rotary District. Everybody has the right to express their points of view. It is good to have an open debate about issues that Rotarians feel strongly about. Thatís the good old American way.


If you reserve space on the Presidentís Dinner Cruise on Wednesday, May 12 at 6 PM, you will also have an opportunity to continue the discussion about fundraising issues with President Greg. The departure is from the New York Skyport Marina at 23rd Street and East River at 6:30 sharp. It costs $100 per person. You can read more about it in the Bulletin and on our website at Unfortunately, I will not be able to join you on the cruise, because I am taking the next plane for Sweden later today. I will be away for 2 weeks, but I promise to back in good time before Netherlands Day on June 15th. It is expected to be our best National Day since Sweden Day on January 27th, which President Greg told me has set the Gold Standard for National Days at our legendary Rotary Club.


The Rotary Club of New York had its First Annual Rotary Retreat at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in White Plains, New York. It was an uninterrupted day of brainstorming and planning. It was a setting where our members had a free and open debate about what direction to take our legendary Rotary Club. Thank you to the facilitators David Del Monte, Lillian Coury and Robi Galluccio-Richardson for a great job! You can see the action from our retreat in the following picture:



Larry Parks has sent me a new list of upcoming speakers and events. You can see it on our website at Larry is the Executive Director of FAME, which stands for Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education at Box 625, FDR Station, New York, NY 10150-0625. You can also reach Larry by e-mail at or his website at


South African General Counsel Ivan Vosloo is a member of our Rotary Club while he is stationed here in New York. Ivan received the following message from an exchange student that was sponsored by his old Pretoria Hatfield Rotary Club. It is from a South African Rotary Exchange Student that was sent to Argentina:


From: Josh Ramsey


Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2004 8:05 PM

Subject: home again!!


Hello there massive amounts of eager people waiting with baited breath to receive an email from me, your correspondent over the ocean!!


I know most of you are thinking, "hey, its been a heck of a long time since I got an email from that great kid who is living in Argentina, I donít feel complete" and if you werenít, you should have been! So, that is actually a good question, where have I been? Well this is a question not easily answered. I have been on a rotary tour, and to say firstly that it was incredible would not do it any justice, so I am going to attempt to give you, the eager masses, an insight into the best 3 weeks of my time here in Argentina.


I guess one could compare the tour to a cooking recipe, and if one did, they might end up with a recipe similar to this:


  • Take 77 teenagers, from all over the world
  • Squeeze them into 2 buses, (and squeeze we did)
  • Put them on the road for 2 weeks,
  • Add a desire in each of them to be more wild than any other
  • Drop carefully a touch of insanity into the mixing bowl
  • And watch with careful eyes the incredible story which unfolds!!


So thatís how it happened, before the tour started, I knew two people, two fellow south Africans, and by the time the tour had ended (amongst many buckets of tears) I had made a bunch of friends I now dearly miss, and will now spend a portion of my life traveling to, all over the world. I guess that is what happens when you spend 24 hours at a time traveling on a bus, (and if you know me, i DONT sleep) so i had a LOT of time to talk to all my new found friends!


Okay thatís what we did in between the amazing stops. Now let me paint you a picture, in your minds eye, Argentina is roughly two and a half times as large as South Africa, and we explored all the hot spots in the entire northern half of the country!! In 17 days!! And believe me, Argentina is PROPVOL (very full of) hotspots. The schedule was very hectic, and relentless, but oh so fulfilling.


We traveled the equivalent of PRETORIA to CAPE TOWN, about 4 or 5 times. And in between those travels, Argentina was found! I am not sure about where and when we traveled to the specific places so Iíll just mention the places that i found to be the most incredible for me. the first that springs to mind was Mendoza, a beautiful (this word is going to be used a lot, so bear with me) province, with the best wineries in the country, here we learnt about the wine making techniques (well those who have grasped Spanish did, seeing as though all the tour guides spoke Spanish) and did a bit of tasting, some more than others!! Another thing that blew my mind away was when we were traveling, was the massive diversity of Argentina, at one point we were on a long slog of a bus ride, and the scenery went from green rolling hills, to dense rain forest, to rocky mountains, to flat desert an then to what is known as the Patagonia, a huge mass of uninhabited land. Really a mind blower!! I saw the famous "mountain of seven colours" which is a mountain....wait for it, YES, with seven different colours of rock! Really a beautiful mountain and the only one of its kind.


From this point the tour kind of went into a blur for me, a mixture of stops in great historical places, and beautiful ruins, as well as the old red mountain where the native Indians lived, as well as some great hotels set in picturesque settings, and not to mentions the great "boliches" or clubs!! Very fun, to say the least. And all the time my friendships within the group grew stronger. But one thing that jolted me out of my happy-go-lucky cruise mode was the awesome catarata, or IGUAZU FALLS.


The IguaÁu falls, are a massive collection of waterfalls second to none, being a world heritage sight, i was expecting a lot from them, but nothing could have prepared me for what i saw when i arrived!! I doubt is many of you have seen photos of these falls, so by comparison, imagine what the Victoria Falls would look like if it was stretched side ways, so that it spanned 180 degrees!! Incredible is a word that does these falls, no justice. Standing in awe watching, only what i can imagine as millions and millions of tones of water cascading over the falls, was a feeling i will never forget. I took lots and lots of photos which i will have to get to you all some how, so that you too may get a slight idea of what i am talking about.


This tour was definitely a huge eye opener for me, and not only that but i know have contacts in all over the world, so traveling is going to be a compulsory option from not on. The privilege of being able to connect with so many different and unique people from all over the world is not one which i take lightly. I have to ask myself for instance, who has been taught about the middle-east crises, from a boy who lives there, and whose grandfather saw first hand what caused all the problems that they face today, an awesome privilege! I know truly realize the value of Rotary, itís not about where you go, or what you see, but rather who you meet and what you learn. This world is full of different people and different cultures, beliefs, traditions, and now i think that you have only truly "traveled", when you grow your understanding of these differences, because if you have not learnt to understand different people, what have your travels truly taught you? Nothing.


So tour is over, but the friendships i made are definitely not. I will find the people I met and we will have awesome adventures. But for now the biggest obstacle in my life is figuring out how to ask for the remote control, in Spanish, and for this I am very grateful.


Keep safe and God bless you.





Ivan sent me the message from Josh, because he wanted to show the great benefits of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. Thank you Ivan for the message! Also thank you for the great South African wines that you treated me and Voy Sobon to in your apartment after the New York Rotary Retreat last Saturday!


Don't forget to reserve your table for our next meeting. You can reserve via e-mail to our office at, or call Andreas or Ana at 212-633-1311. You can also fax in the RSVP form, which you can download at Our fax number is 212-633-1954. At our next meeting, the culinary staff at the Princeton Club will serve us a Membership Day-Buffet.


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Rotary is about having fun

and do good things!



Matts Ingemanson


Internet Communications Division

The Rotary Club of New York


Acting Chairman

Rotary's Global History Fellowship



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