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Our next meeting on May 25th will be Armed Forces Day with the Honorable Francis J. Bing” West as the speaker. He served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs in the Reagan Administration. He is presently Dean of Research at the Naval War College and Vice President of the Hudson Institute. You can read more about Francis J. West’s impressive background in the latest Bulletin on our website at (click on the link).


This week’s Reporter of the Week is written by Christ’l Dullaert. She joined our legendary Rotary Club last year, transferring from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Christ’l’s classification is Lawyer American/Dutch. Thank you Christ’l for a good report! I also look forward to the Netherlands Day on June 15th that that Christ’l is arranging for our Rotary Club.


Rotary Club of New York President Greg Lynch has written no less than five new pieces for the Presidential Page. The first one is called CELEBRATING A ROTARY FRIENDSHIP. Here is an  excerpt from it:


Decades ago, a Milanese gentleman became a Rotarian. In time, his son prospered in the world and, himself, joined a Milan Rotary Club. The young man married a beauty from Scandinavia and for diverse reasons, this lovely couple decided to educate their children in America. So, they came to New York with their two young boys. Some things had to be left behind, but not an appreciation for the arts, good wine and food, family and - as it happened - Rotary. So it was that the young man joined the Rotary Club of New York. In so doing, he joined one of the oldest Clubs in the Rotary world (Club #6). Young Silvio also brought with him some of the best values and practices of a traditional European Rotary Club to the hurly burly of our old Gotham Club.


You can read Greg’s whole piece on our website at


Greg’s second piece is called AN EARLY SPRING GETAWAY. Here is an  excerpt:


For those Rotarians who do make up in other parts of the world, I don’t have to say a thing. For those who have not I’ll say four things: 1) you will always be warmly welcomed; 2) it will all seem very familiar, whether or not you even speak the local language (of course, at Montego Bay East, they speak a beautiful version of the Queen’s English); 3) you are sure to have a good time, enjoy the local Rotarians’ company and perhaps make a new friend or two; and 4) you may learn from the experience and bring back a fresh idea or two.


You can read the whole piece on our website at


Greg’s third piece is called OUTFOXING FABIAN. Here is an  excerpt:


It was the worst hurricane to hit Bermuda in 50 years. The island was battered by winds of 125 mph with wind gusts to 132 mph. The storm approached the island on September 4, 2003. By the time that Hurricane Fabian finally moved west on September 7, 2003, it left in its wake numerous fatalities and wide-spread destruction with losses valued in the 100s of millions of dollars. In the months prior to the storm, the grande dame of Bermuda resort hotels, the Fairmont Southampton Princess, had been refurbished to the tune of $60 million. In the hurricane, its roof was blown off and, like so many properties, the hotel stood a battered hulk.


You can read the whole piece on our website at


Greg’s forth piece is called CHARTER NIGHT. Here is an  excerpt:


I was just now asked by a potential new member if is there was much competition among Rotary Clubs. My response was a clear “no”, followed by an explanation of how Clubs understand one another and cooperate. At the same time, there was a little click in my head that said “yeah, sometimes”, and I was thinking of our relationship with the Metro NYC Club. Our Club had historically supported expansion in Manhattan and had sponsored the Chinatown Club and the Upper Manhattan Clubs. We also always understood that Rotaractors must one day leave the Rotary movement (which we do not want) or move to a Rotary Club. We attempted to induce them into our Club but we are a bit “highfalutin”, so we should have clearly conceived that they might start their own Club. Regrettably there were some outside forces which tried to jam that option down our throats. So we choked, and eventually did not sponsor these fledgling Rotarians. That was sad, and wrong, and it has taken us time to find a rapprochement.


You can read the whole piece on our website at


Greg’s fifth and final piece is called CRACKING THE CODE. Here is an  excerpt:


One of the goals of my year as President has been 100% participation in the Paul Harris fellowship program. We made it! Some New York Rotarians joined as sustaining members, while many contributed to become new Paul Harris Fellows. Everybody did something. We have ended up with some forty new Paul Harris awards this year and our two, very first, major donors. So why did I get such negative feed-back from some folks in the Club who felt that this effort was contrary to our own New York Foundation giving campaign. At the same time why was there some substantial resistance in our Club to R.I.’s request for a commitment of $100 from every Rotarian every year. Shucks, our per capita giving is about $400 per person this year. I’ve spent a lot of time puzzling this out, and I am still trying to make sense of it all.


You can read the whole piece on our website at


The Bulletin announces the birthday for Lou DiPaolo. Happy birthday Lou!


Our Speaker’s List has again been updated. You can see it on our website at


I received the following information about the upcoming District Paul Harris Luncheon on June 11th:


The District Paul Harris Fellow Luncheon is on Friday, June 11 at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown NY. Guest speaker Mr. Robert Johnson, District Attorney for the Borough of the Bronx, NY. Cost $50.

Confirm attendance with Blanche Christian-Crawford by fax (212) 644-4121 or email Please RSVP by May 31st.


Don't forget to reserve your table for our next meeting. You can reserve via e-mail to our office at, or call Andreas or Ana at 212-633-1311. You can also fax in the RSVP form, which you can download at Our fax number is 212-633-1954. At our next meeting, the culinary staff at the Princeton Club will serve us Lamb Stew.


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