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June 13, 2004




Fellow Rotarians,


This picture shows the flags of America, New York State, Rotary, Columbia Club and the Princeton Club mourning the death of Ronald Reagan, Former President of the United States and member of the Rotary Club in Pacific Palisades, California. This view greeted us when we arrived to the Princeton Club for our meeting last week.



Our next meeting on June 15th will be Netherlands Day with Art Historian Marina Aarts as the speaker. If you have questions about 17th-century paintings, Marina Aarts can give you all the answers. You can read more about Marina Aarts in the latest Bulletin on our website at (click on the link).


A major attraction of Netherlands Day is that it takes place at the Netherlands Club on 3 West 51st Street, which is between the 5th and 6th Avenues. Netherlands Day starts half an hour earlier at 11:30 am. I have been told that the reason for the early start is that they will use the extra time to serve very good Dutch liquor, so I recommend that you leave your car at home.


Our Executive Director Andreas has asked me to make sure that we are all informed about the change of location and the change of time, so I will state it again in big letters:


Netherlands Day takes place at the Netherlands Club, 3 West 51st Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues). The reception will start at 11.30AM in the Solarium. The telephone number to the Netherlands Club is 212-582-5454.


Mathew Salerno has written the Reporter of the Week with pictures of our last meeting. Thank you Mathew, for a good report!


At our last meeting, Helen Reisler, Past New York Rotary President, Present New York Rotary Foundation Trustee and District Governor Nominee presented a second check of $100,000 to the New York University Downtown Hospital for its tremendous effort, dedication and assistance to the victims the 9/11 tragedy in downtown, Manhattan. This money was raised by the Rotary Club of New York as part of the 9/11 Disaster Relief Fund. Dr. Bonvino of the NYU Downtown Hospital accepted the check on behalf of the hospital. He thanked our legendary Rotary Club for the generous donation. He stated that it will be used to purchase a new ambulance for the hospital. You can see a picture from this event on our website at


Past President of the Rotary Club of New York 1996-1997 Arcadio Casillas was the recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor at a gala ceremony held on May 15, 2004 on Ellis Island, NY. Congratulations Arcadio! You can read more about it on our website at


At our last meeting, the Director of South Africa's Friendly School Program Chris Pretorius told us that $14,000 is enough money to modernize a whole school for orphan children in the Friendly School Program. The Friendly School Program is supported by Rotarians in South Africa and Chris is Past President of the Rotary Club of Pretoria Silverton in District 9250. You can see a picture from Chris’ presentation and read more about it on our website at


Don't forget to reserve your table for our next meeting. You can reserve via e-mail to our office at, or call Andreas or Ana at 212-633-1311. You can also fax in the RSVP form, which you can download at Our fax number is 212-633-1954. At our next meeting, the culinary staff at the Netherlands Club will serve us Herring for appetizer and Nasi Goreng for the main dish.


I recommend that you visit our New York Rotary website every week at or  You can study the history of the Rotary Club of New York at You can read every Bulletin since 2001 on our website at We have previous issues of the Newsletter at


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Matts Ingemanson


Internet Communications Division

The Rotary Club of New York


Acting Chairman

Rotary's Global History Fellowship



The power of the Internet puts the brains of millions of people together. It also puts 1.2 million Rotarians together. It does not matter where we are and when we are available. The Internet makes it possible for Rotarians around the world to instantly participate.


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I want to thank our Executive Director Andreas Runggatscher and his Executive Assistant Ana Rivas for working so hard every week creating and mailing the Weekly Bulletin. In addition to mailing it out to our members, they also send me the electronic Bulletin so I can upload it on our website. They have also been working hard with the administration of the World Trade Center - Disaster Relief Fund.


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