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August 17, 2003







Fellow Rotarians,


Our President Greg Lynch has written a new piece for the Presidentís Page called Meanderings in Maine. It is an interesting story about how he had an unexpected Rotary fellowship experience while traveling in Maine. You can read it on our website at You can also read Gregís other stories for the Presidentís Page at's_page.html.

The speaker at our next New York Rotary meeting on August 19 will be Lawrence J. Korb. He is Director of National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. It is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to increasing Americaís understanding of the world and contributing ideas to U.S. foreign policy. The Council accomplishes this mainly by promoting constructive debates and discussions, clarifying world issues, and publishing Foreign Affairs, the leading journal on global issues. You can read more about Lawrence Korb in the latest Bulletin on the Internet at (click on the link).


Erik Enroth has written in the Bulletinís Reporter of the Week about our last meeting. Thank you Erik for a very informative report! Erik has been a member of the Rotary Club of New York since 2002 when he transferred from the Rotary Club of Princeton. Erikís classification is International Investments-Sweden. He is Head of the New York Office for Invest in Sweden Agency (ISA), which is Swedish Government Agency providing information and contact services for foreign investors evaluating investment opportunities in Sweden. You can find out more about ISA on the Internet at Erik and I are also working together to prepare a Sweden Day at the Rotary Club of New York.


Last Wednesday August 13th, I went to the Rotary Presidential Celebration in Stockholm, Sweden for Rotary International President Jonathan B. Majiyagbe. It was organized by a Swedish Rotary Committee, which was chaired by Past Rotary International Director Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar. The event took place in the presence of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. The following picture shows the Crown Princess to the left and RI President Jonathan to the right with me in the middle.



I took the opportunity to invite Crown Princess Victoria to come to our legendary Rotary Club on our upcoming Sweden Day. The Princess replied that she would very much like to come. I was very impressed with Princess Victoria. I found her to be both intelligent and compassionate. Those are two qualities that we Rotarians value highly. She showed great interest in Rotary and listened attentively when I told her about Rotaryís founder Paul Harris and his ideas when he started Rotary. Her father His Royal Majesty King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden has been supportive of Rotary in Sweden for many years as its High Protector. We will be honored to have Crown Princess Victoria as our guest on Sweden Day.


Last week, I told you about Kjell Ňke Ňkesson and the Rotary Doctor Bank. He was also present at the Presidential Celebration in Stockholm. Crown Princess Victoria and RI President Jonathan stopped by together at the Rotary Doctor Bank exhibit display and had a long conversation with Kjell about his organization. I heard Princess Victoria and RI President Jonathan ask Kjell many interested questions. You can read about the Rotary Doctor Bank on the Internet at


The Rotary Club of New York received prominent attention last week in Sweden on the Rotary District 2350 website at They displayed the picture and wrote the following (translated from Swedish):


We were on Circus!


Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria and Rotary International's President Jonathan B. Majiyagbe met under the theme Peace and Tolerance at Circus in Stockholm on August 13! Matts Ingemanson from the Rotary Club of New York (in the middle) took the opportunity to hear the RI President and at the same time invite the Crown Princess to guest speak at his club in New York.


Last week, I met Swedish Rotarian Tord Elfwendahl, who designed the websites for his own Rotary Club of Stockholm-Strand at, the Rotary District 2350 website at and the Rotary in Sweden website at


Tord has also designed a very interesting Library of Graphics website for Rotarians at The Library of Rotary Graphics is a source of graphics for printed material or websites produced by and for Rotary Organizations. The Graphics in Tordís Library all comply in full with Rotaryís statute measurements. I for example, found two Rotary Lapel Pin designs that show the evolution from the original lapel pin that was created at the Rotary Club of New York in 1909 to the present lapel pin design. You can now see them on our website at


By the way, Rotary International President Jonathan Majiyagbe told me that he will come to New York for the United Nations Day on October 4th. He also told me that RI President Elect Glenn Estess will be there as well. We agreed to meet again on October 4th.


Talking about the United Nations, the latest issue of the Rotarian Magazine has an interesting interview with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. You can read the interview on Rotary Internationalís website at


The Board of Directors has approved Andrey Omelich as a new member. Welcome Andrey to our growing Rotary Club. You can read more about Andrey in the latest Bulletin at


I received the following happy message from our new member Kadir R. Karabay:


Janar & Kadir are the proud new parents of KENAN M KARABAY. Kenan was born at New York Presbyterian Cornell Medical Center at 2 am today. Janar and Kenan are both doing well.


Kadir came to America from the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan and now his child Kenan is born an American citizen. Congratulations Kadir!


The Bulletin announces the birthdays for Siegfried ďSigiĒ Brunner on August 17th, Gwendolin Herder and Virgil Wenger on August 23rd and Evan Linchon on August 25th. Evan once told me that he had been a Rotarian for many years in Taiwan before he moved to New York, where he has been a member since 1988. Happy Birthday to all of you!


The Bulletin also has an introduction of our new member Christíl Dullaert. She came from Amsterdam, where she has been a Rotarian for 8 years. You can read more about Christíl in our latest Bulletin. Welcome to our Rotary Club Christíl!


The Bulletin also has an important List of Committees within the Various Divisions. You can also find it on our website at


My immediate predecessor as Chairman of the District 7230 Group Study Exchange Committee Joel Margolis sent me the following message from his vacation spot where he enjoys Rotary Fellowship and Camaraderie:



Just to let you know that I have been spending most of the summer at my
seasonal residence in the Berkshires --
Pittsfield, MA.  I have been to the
Pittsfield Rotary luncheon twice.  They have a very large, active and interesting
club here.


Joel Margolis


Thank you Joel for your message! I look forward to see you when you come back to New York.


Don't forget to reserve your table for our next meeting. You can reserve via e-mail to our office at, or call Andreas at 212-633-1311. You can also fax in the RSVP form, which you can download at Our fax number is 212-633-1954. At our next meeting, the culinary staff at the Princeton Club will serve Lamb.


I recommend that you visit our New York Rotary website every week at


Rotary is a great

International Fellowship!



Matts Ingemanson


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I want to thank our Executive Director Andreas Runggatscher and his Executive Assistant Ana Rivas for working so hard every week creating and mailing the Weekly Bulletin. In addition to mailing it out to our members, they also send me the electronic Bulletin so I can upload it on our website. They have also been working hard with the administration of the World Trade Center - Disaster Relief Fund.


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Matts Ingemanson, Helen Reisler and Jim Thompson from the New York Rotary Club were interviewed on Rotary Radio Tuesday July 9, 2002.


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