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August 4, 2003




Fellow Rotarians,


The speaker at our next New York Rotary meeting on August 5 will be Jim Rogers, who is the best selling author of “Investment Biker.” He also co-founded the Quantum fund, a global investment partnership. During 10 years in the 1970’s, the portfolio gained more than 4000%, while the S&P rose less than 50%. Rogers then decided to retire at the age of 37. He is an entertaining speaker that mixes wit with sometimes contrarian wisdom that offers new and enlightened ways to view the world. You can read more about Jim Rogers in the latest Bulletin on the Internet at (click on the link).


Susanne Sebert has written the Reporter of the Week about our last meeting in the Bulletin. Thank you Susanne for a most informative report! Susanne has been a member since 1999 and her classification is International Education Exchange. She is the Director of External Relations for AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc.


At our last meeting, the Division Chairs gave an overview of their committee goals for the year. Even though I am in Sweden and missed last week’s meeting, the power of the Internet makes it possible to follow the activities at home. This is one reason for the establishment of our new Internet Communications Division. It is the first such division in Rotary History and the Rotary Club of New York is again taking the lead to expand our Rotary Experience to the Internet.


Our Rotary Experience is not only limited to the weekly Rotary meetings or to working with Rotary volunteer projects. Taking our Rotary Experience to the Internet makes it more accessible and enjoyable. For example, I am currently on the other side of the Atlantic and I can still participate.


I was not present at our last meeting, so in my capacity as the Chairman of the Internet Communications Division, I am taking the opportunity here to state our Internet Communications Division Goals 2003-2004:


  • Use the Internet to develop Rotary Fellowship and Camaraderie.
  • Use the Internet to inform about our Rotary activities.
  • Create an online store to sell Rotary products.
  • Enable us to receive reservations and payments for Rotary events.
  • Provide fundraising support and collect money for Rotary fundraising projects.
  • Provide membership enrollment support.
  • Provide public relations support.


It is our intention to update and revise these goals continuously for improvements. We will move forward step-by-step and at the same time be flexible and open to new ideas. If you have an interesting idea, please contact me. I can be reached via e-mail at You can also read about the Internet Communications Goals on our website at


Don Everett, who is the Chairman of the Vocational Service Division, also missed last week’s meeting, but he sent me his goals:


Vocational Service Division Goals 2003-2004

- Continued Club recitation of the Four Way Test
- Classification emphasis
- Four Way Test Essay Contest involving local schools
- Club fellowship:  Logo Night

Don Everett


Vocational Service Division


You can also read Don’s Vocational Service Division Goals on our website at


I have invited the other Division Chairs to send me their Division Goals and as soon as I receive them, I will post them on our website.


President Greg has been very active this week and contributed two new articles for the President’s Page on our website. The first one is “Road Trip with PDG Paul Caruso” on the Internet at It is a great piece about camaraderie at our Rotary Club.


The second story from Greg is called “My Rotary Pin and the Stranger at Central Park” and it starts like this:


It was a warm spring morning, a Monday.  I was walking on Central Park South.  Suddenly, a total stranger walked toward me with a look of recognition in his eye. 


I will not reveal more, but you can read the whole story on our website at


The Bulletin announces the birthdays for Larry Parks on August 3rd, Sylvan “Barney” Barnet on August 5th, Saul Anton on August 8th, Arthur “Art” Draznin on August 13th and Siegfried “Sigi” Brunner on August 17th.  Happy Birthday to all of you! 


I have mentioned before that Bill De Long was presented with the highest and most prestigious award that Rotary International can present to Rotarians. Only a handful of members worldwide receive this award. There is a photo of Bill in the Bulletin when he received the award from Past District Governor Bob Benson. You can read more about Bill on the Internet at


Another of our members Dr. Sonny Lee was recently awarded his second Medal of Freedom from National Republican Senatorial Committee on June 2003 and he was awarded the 2003 Businessman of the Year award from National Republican Congressional Committee. You clearly don’t need to ask Sonny what political party he would vote for. You can read more about Sonny at


Our legendary Rotary Club keeps on growing with an additional two members. The Board of Directors has approved Kadir Karabay and Christ’l Dullaert as new members. Welcome to our club!


I received the following two messages from Bishop Jean Marie R. Kozik, who is the founder of Fraternite Notre Dame and a member of our Rotary Club:


Dear Friends,


Please accept all our condolences for the return to God of Joe Mandarino.


Be assured of our friendship and prayer.


The Most Reverend Bishop Jean Marie R. Kozik

And Fraternite Notre Dame



Here is the second message from the Bishop:


Members at the Rotary Club of New York [# 6]


Dear friend,


Thank you very much for the beautiful certificate of recognition that you awarded Fraternite Notre Dame a few weeks ago.


Be always assured of our sincere Rotarian friendship and our prayer.


The Most Reverend Bishop Jean Marie R. Kozik

and Fraternite Notre Dame.


Fraternite Notre Dame operates a soup kitchen in Harlem, a hospital in Mongolia and many other humanitarian entities around the world. We are proud to have the founding Bishop as our member.


The Founder of Rotary’s Global History website Jack Selway spoke at the Rotary Club of New York on July 15th. The day before, Jack and I were in Wallingford to collect information about Rotary’s founder Paul Harris. Since Jack got home to Pueblo, Colorado he has started to post some of the pictures on the Internet at and


You can also find a lot of interesting information on Rotary’s Global History website:


Rotary's Global History Project Main Page


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There is no better place on the Internet to find out about the History of Rotary.


Don't forget to reserve your table for our next meeting. You can reserve via e-mail to our office at, or call Andreas at 212-633-1311. You can also fax in the RSVP form, which you can download at Our fax number is 212-633-1954. At our next meeting, the culinary staff at the Princeton Club will serve us Beef Bourguignon.


I recommend that you visit our New York Rotary website every week at 


Rotary is about having fun

and do good things!



Matts Ingemanson


Internet Communications Division

The Rotary Club of New York



Group Study Exchange

Rotary District 7230



Rotary’s Global History Project



The power of the Internet puts the brains of millions of people together. It also puts 1.2 million Rotarians together. It does not matter where we are and when we are available. The Internet makes it possible for Rotarians around the world to instantly participate.


This newsletter has also been posted on our website at


I want to thank our Executive Director Andreas Runggatscher and his Executive Assistant Ana Rivas for working so hard every week creating and mailing the Weekly Bulletin. In addition to mailing it out to our members, they also send me the electronic Bulletin so I can upload it on our website. They have also been working hard with the administration of the World Trade Center - Disaster Relief Fund.


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You can find the following interesting websites at:


1.      New York Rotary Club at

2.      Rotary’s Global History Project at

3.      Rotary District 7230 at 

4.      District 7230 Group Study Exchange Project at

5.      Rotary Youth Leadership Awards at

6.      Rotary Radio every Tuesday 5-6 PM EST or 2-3 PM PST at


Matts Ingemanson, Helen Reisler and Jim Thompson from the New York Rotary Club were interviewed on Rotary Radio Tuesday July 9, 2002.


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