Silvio Amori's Inauguration

Tuesday, July 9, 2002


15 photos from the great event

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An overflow crowd of Rotary Club members and guests met at the Princeton Club to install and celebrate Silvio Amori as the 89th President of the Rotary Club of New York and the first President from Italy. The occasion brought together an impressive collection of Rotary Club members, friends of the Amori Family, and guests of the Rotary Club.




Greg Lynch served as Master of Ceremonies. He gave a brief description of Silvio Amori's interesting background. The singing of "The Star‑Spangled Banner" was led by Allison Alessi, followed by the invocation by Giorgio Balestrieri. Many Rotary officers and visitors were present and introduced. Lynch officially introduced Amori, our Past Presidents, the Past District Governors of D 7230, and several Italian dignitaries. Journalists from the Italian television channel RAI International and America Oggi daily newspaper.


President Silvio was officially sworn in by Dick Sainburg. President Silvio then swore in all the Board Members for the new Rotary year.




Claudia Massimo Berns, Assistant to Governor Pataki, was called to the rostrum to give special congratulations and greetings from the Governor of New York and a citation. Amori thanked the Governor, then gave a gracious welcome to all friends and Rotarians who attended the luncheon. He noted that his father had been a staunch Rotarian in Italy and would have been proud to see Amori as the new President of the Rotary Host Club of America. 60,000 people have visited NYC Rotary over the years.


President Silvio then gave a brief history of the Rotary Club, noting that the Club was busily changing the world in its activities. Amori had recently attended the International Rotary Convention in Barcelona. He reported that 19,000 visitors attended. He pointed out that the Rotary Club continues to fight polio, major catastrophes and illiteracy.


President Silvio listed his goals for the year as threefold: friendship, membership growth, and a financially sound Club. He furthermore would like to work closely with our Foundation and the Rotary Club of Milano Aquilea to fight the Buruli disease.





President Silvio ended by announcing that a musical tribute commemorating the events of 9/11 would be given free at Lincoln Center on July 22nd with musical artists from around the world performing together under the leadership of the famous Italian maestro Ricardo Muti. The tickets are available free of charge. He urged all to attend.

A champagne toast was offered to Silvio Amori as the new President.





Written by William Hall

Photographed by Volker Detering & Matts Ingemanson

Web design by Matts Ingemanson



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