It was exciting when

New York State Attorney General

Eliot Spitzer

Spoke at our club on Feb 4th, 2003



15 photos from the great event

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President Silvio with New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer





Eliot Spitzer was video taped by PBS at our meeting










President Silvio and District Governor Bob Benson



President Silvio with New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer



Larry Parks introduced Elliot Spitzer, New York State Attorney General, the speaker for the day. A camera team constantly followed him from PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)


Mr. Spitzer selected three themes for his talk. He described the "new federalism" under which states attorney general are bringing suits involving issues of anti-trust, civil rights, and the environment- issues formerly left to the Federal government. He stated that former proponents of federalism were now feeling a greater policy affinity towards Washington.


Eliot Spitzer illustrated ways that the "Chicago School" theories of free market economics do not work when applied to environmental protection, civil rights, and the regulation of financial markets.


He asserted that corporate governance has gone awry and that CEOs have acquired too much power, because boards of directors, outside auditors, investment bankers, institutional investors, and lawyers all abdicated some of their responsibility for oversight during a time of apparent success and prosperity.


In response to questions, Spitzer indicated that two primary areas of work of his office in the year ahead would be auto insurance fraud and pharmaceutical pricing.


Text:        Susanne Sebert & Matts Ingemanson

Photos:   Matts Ingemanson & Lou DiPaolo



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