The 9/11 World Trade Center Tragedy

in New York City!


Letter from President Helen Reisler

Rotarian Bill DeLong lends a helping hand in the WTC Disaster

Involvement by Cindy Erickson's American Lung Association

The Oklahoma City Rotary Foundation contributes $100,000

Littleton Rotary Club and District 5450 in Colorado contributes $8,281

A Brief Visit to New York City by Elfi Smith, Littleton Rotary Club


Ground Zero

Rotarians unite in response to an unspeakable tragedy


by Cary Silver, Executive Editor

The Rotarian Magazine, December 2001

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Missouri Rotarians contribute $97,000 plus!

During Foundation Day on December 4, 2001, the Missouri District Governors Bill Schuck, District 6060 (second from the left) and Larry Lunsford, District 6040 (far right) presented a check of over $97,000 for the WTC Disaster Relief Fund to our President Helen Reisler and Chairman of the New York Rotary Foundation Werner Kobelt. A significant part of the check was raised by District 6080 in Missouri, whose District Governor is Jerry Franklin (unable to attend). We are very touched by the great generosity of the Missouri Rotarians.



Firefighters' Recognition Day

at the Rotary Club of New York

April 16, 2002



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The 9/11 World Trade Center Disaster

in New York City!

It happened in our home town on 9/11. Like any other Rotary Club would, we helped our city during its disaster. We did so with the support from compassionate Rotarians from around the World.


Letter to Werner Kobelt, Past Foundation Chairman






The New York Rotary WTC-DISASTER Relief Fund has raised $1,499,154 for the victims of 9/11 thanks to generous Rotarian around the world! When there is a need, Rotarians take action!


2001 - 2002

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World Trade Center Disaster Relief Fund

Update for Donors


World Trade Center Disaster Relief Fund Grant

Disbursements of $227,500 on February 12, 2002

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Grant-Recipient group picture with

President Helen & Chairman Werner



How to donate to the special fund for

the Great Tragedy in New York City


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Foundation of the Rotary Club of New York







Helen Reisler, President 2001-2002 of the Rotary Club of New York, received more than 350 e-mails from Rotarians around the world during the months that followed the World Trade Center disaster and has since translated her contacts into a relief program for the loved ones of the victims. Following is a list of all information and forms (in pdf format) that is needed to participate. Just double click on the items that you want to download:


Article in the Staten Island Advance on January 30th, 2002

Letter to Rescue Workers and Families of Victims

911 Airmile Program Donation Form

Adopt A 911 Family Form

Individual Rescue Workers Application Form

Family Profile Form




Letter from RI President Rick King (excerpts)


I must start by telling you how impressed I am with all that the Rotarians of New York have done and continue to do in the time following the unspeakable tragedy of 11 September. I want you to know that I am exploring ways that Rotary International can help in the recovery efforts in New York.


Click here to read the complete letter from Rick King

Letter from President Helen responding to Rick King





Message from Jeffrey R. Burkes, D.D.S.

Chief Forensic Dentist, The City of New York


I am the Chief Dental Consultant to the Chief Medical Examiner's Office.  I, with many other forensic dentists, are responsible for identifying those victims who cannot be identified by any means except their dentition.  This, as you can imagine,  is a very tedious and laborious task because of the condition of the bodies.  I had hoped that following the bombing of the WTC in 1993 I would not have to experience working on another terrorist disaster. Please keep us in your prayers, as well as all the others who are called to respond to this disaster.


My best regards

Jeff Burkes

(New York Rotarian since 1991)





Memorial in honor of

the victims of 911


District Governor, David, “Sully” Sullivan has issued a press release on August 22, 2003 about a decision by the leadership of Rotary District 7230 to erect a memorial in Webb Park in honor of the many victims and their families who perished in 911.


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